Thursday, June 23, 2011

Getting back into the saddle

After my unfortunate experience with the duck yesterday I was a little wary when a horse in the field came trotting over to the fence when he saw us.
I decided the best way to 'get back into the saddle' would be to stroke him so I gently reached out and patted his nose. He seemed to like it. In fact he liked it so much that when I left he followed me to the end of the field.

Then I felt guilty about leaving so I went back and gave him the only thing I had, which was a doggy treat.

I continued on my way feeling rather pleased with myself when a horrid thought struck me: are horses vegetarian? Had I just fed him a gravy-flavoured bone? Would he become carnivorous and eat me next time he saw me?

It's amazing the way I can turn a walk in the woods into a scene from a horror film.

P.S. It was a milky bone.


Rose said...

I'm laughing so hard, Liz, I can't think of anything to say here:) But I do think you're safe from the horses...then again, I don't know anyone else who's gotten bitten by a duck:)

Ha, the word verification is "nubducky"!

Leslie: said...

How sweet - the horse loves you! Watch out for him if you see him again - he'll be rushing over for his milkbone! lol

Liz said...

And after I'd fed him too, rose!

I shall have to remember to keep my apple core for him next time, leslie.