Tuesday, June 07, 2011

The bull who jumped over the gate

Is tramp pc? I was going to say this is the Tip Tramp who lives somewhere in the woods. I think tramp is quite a dignified word: he doesn't beg or bother anyone but just lives life his way. And who's to know why he chooses to avoid human interaction or contact. He does pong a bit though.

But Younger Son and his friend have decided that, judging from the path he takes, really he's an eccentric millionaire who lives in one of the mansions on the side of the valley edging the woods.

* * * * * * * * *

The bulls who are usually in one field were moved to another a while ago and, so the farmer told Husband, for some reason decided they didn't like this particular field and tried to escape by jumping over the gate. The big bull managed it no trouble but the smaller got stuck on the gate. 'Now,' the farmer said, 'I've got to get them back to the farm for TB testing and both of them are too scared to come anywhere near the gate.' Apparently he'd tried all sorts to persuade them.

He must have eventually found something tempting enough as the field was empty when George and I passed it today. But you can see the damage a leaping bull can do to a metal gate.
The fern forest floor - where not so long ago there was nothing but scorched earth. Ferns are amazing plants, a very old species and very resilient obviously.
I carefully saved my last Werther's Original toffee for the final part of my walk but when I unwrapped it, instead of popping into my mouth it popped onto the muddy floor. The moral of this story is: don't put off your pleasures as either it or you may be gone if you leave it till later.

And don't try jumping over gates unless you're sure you can do it.


katney said...

I was going to link you to my bull story, but apparently I never told it. Maybe I will dig out the pictures and post it for ABC Wednesday as an apparently UNTOLD story. (It is U this week.)

James Higham said...

Why would they not like the field? What is there bulls know? Maybe the females were in another field?

Leslie: said...

If he's an eccentric millionaire, I'll pong along with him. (If I'm correct in the meaning, that is) LOL

katney said...

My story is no longer untold.

CherryPie said...

Maybe he is going to beg of the millionaires?