Thursday, April 14, 2011

Like ice in the sun

Some time ago Husband purchased a remote controller and the necessary doodahs to use on the lights in the lounge. Trouble is, I can't work it. He comes in the room, presses a few buttons and lights magically turn on; I press every button and it stays dark.

He's away at the moment so I'm having to sit in semi-darkness. (Fortunately one of the lights isn't on the remote so I have that one on.)

* * * * * * * *

As we're not in Devon today I decided I'd go to zumba class tonight. It's still with Cherie and part of the Rosemary Conley circus but I haven't done this particular routine before. So when Cherie asked at the beginning if there was anyone who hadn't done it I waved my hand. She said, 'Ah, it's just Liz and you've got good co-ordination so you'll be fine.'

I stood and looked around thinking she must be talking to someone else.

Having said that, I was better than some of the regulars!

So I'm feeling very righteous having walked George and done zumba tonight.

* * * * * * *

Driving to Zac's on Tuesday I realised that Status Quo sing, 'Like ice in the sun I melt away,' not 'Like nights in the sun I melt away.' Makes slightly more sense although my version is just about plausible.


mrsnesbitt said...

Great stuff - it is popular round here too - but not a convenient venue from our house. sigh.

nick said...

Perhaps Husband has rigged the remote so you can't waste money on unnecessary lighting.

sally in norfolk said...

oh i love zumba have been going to classes for a few weeks now... but i dont have good co-ordination so its a bit of a laugh too :-)

I have just sent for Zumba for my wi... says it teaches you the most basic steps before you progress so i may get better ...

MTG said...

'Like nights in the sun' Blown it now - the secret mission of the Irish Space Agency for the first solar landing.