Friday, April 22, 2011

A good Friday

I don't walk around the cliffs as often as I used to but when I did it was normally morning time and I'd regularly see three old gentlemen sitting on the same bench just a short way onto the cliff path. They were always very polite and chatty and I thought of them as my Last-of-the-Summer-Winers.

Today I discovered that one of them has died - see the little memorial next to the bench? He was quite a debonair gent and I imagined him being a bit of a ladies' man. It's sad to think that the three have become two.
Just because we haven't had a photo of my handsome boy for a while.
Lots of people making the most of the late afternoon Easter sun on Langland bay. Spot the enormous castle!
I hope they escaped before these clouds broke.


Gledwood said...

i was wondering how the tonkie was doing

tonkie as in "mammal resembling a donkey"

which george does

to me at least

happy eggster!

Gledwood said...

or happy Passover if you want to be more strictly Biblical about it!

There's nothing in the Bible about Jesus eating easter eggs, but he does keep the Passover just before he dies.

Weren't we commanded to keep the Passover in his memory? How come the churches of this world insist on Easter instead then? Isn't that something of an insult to Jesus' name and all he stood for?

Just a point of view...

katney said...

And see---he's smiling his happy smile.

Leslie: said...

I can just imagine the old fellows enjoying the morning sun whilst sitting on that bench. How wonderful that they (or someone) put a memorial there for the one who passed away. One day, there will be two and then three. I wonder who will put up the third one?

CherryPie said...

Sad about the three friends becoming two...

George is looking happy against his backdrop :-)