Wednesday, April 13, 2011


This is either:
a) an advert for a mobile phone;
b) an amazing rendition of Jesu, Joy of Man's Desiring.

First seen by me on BanksyBoy's blog.


Gledwood said...

A tonkie! (That means a donkey which means anything cute. To me.)

Thanks for your comment. Are you on Prozac then? I always found antidepressants (apart from when they do nothing) tend to make me hyped up and euphoric ie I'm hypomanic for a couple of weeks or so until they even out into a lovely antidepressed high or as happened last time I crashed horribly into one of the all time worst depressions I've ever been in. What they don't do is take the edge off and leave me with blunted feelings. I so wish I could have some antidepressants now I feel in emotional pain a lot of the time not to mention exhaustion and hypersomnia. I'm really pissed off Liz and it's making me crave the mean old brown again which I was so totally against when I was manic it was unreal. Infact the way I feltwhenI was high on mania I was willing never to take drugs ever again. I never felt like I needed them, looked down on my past self for having ever taken them and didn't understand why anybody thought they needed drugs. Now how's that for a good attitude? I just wish I could have kept the good feeling going, know what I mean..??

jay said...

Wow ... or both, huh? LOL!

What a lot of work went into that! I love the side shot of the deer. That's cute. :)