Tuesday, February 08, 2011

The secret of successful weight loss

Out of curiosity, when I got home from circuits last night, I weighed; I weighed again this morning and I'd lost two and a half pounds.

'How can that happen?' I asked Husband. 'All I did was watch one episode of House and go to bed. I didn't - excuse me - evacuate my bowels, in fact I had dinner after I'd weighed. So how can I lose that much overnight?'
Without hesitating Husband replied, 'You were breathing.'
'I find it helps to keep me alive.'
'You take in oxygen but breathe out carbon dioxide. Carbon is very heavy.'

Husband bases this theory on A-level chemistry, O-level biology (failed) and a lifetime of making stuff up. I believe him.

There was me thinking I had to eat less to lose weight when all I need to do is sleep and breathe more.

So if you notice me heavy breathing don't think I have lung disease: I'm just slimming.


hullaballoo said...

So I just need to sit about and I lose weight? No way lol.

Dragonstar said...

If only it were that easy! I have it on good (?) authority that I breathe heavily all night - so why am I over 4 stone overweight right now???

jams o donnell said...

The breathing diet? Liz you could make a fortune!

Liz said...

No, try it, hulla!

And I bet the 'good authority' denies that he snores, dragonstar!

I was thinking that, jams. I shouldn't have put it on here but sold it and I could have made the million I'm not likely to make from being a rich and famous author.

Jay at The Depp Effect said...

I think it was watching House that did it! You are clearly on the House Diet!

Seriously, there does seem to be a connection between losing weight and getting enough sleep. As for breathing, well personally I think it's been adequately proven by now that NOT breathing is a sure-fire way to lose a lot of weight quickly. LOL!

Furtheron said...

There are a host of heavy breathing gags trying to get out here... :-)

Ole Phat Stu said...

Big breaths!

Yeth - and I'm only thixteen ;-)

Ann Marie said...

I think it's something to do with the muscles swelling during exercise. I know my Exercise Therapist always tells me to weigh before exercise and not after.

Leslie: said...

I read recently that those who get more sleep can lose more weight! so just go on and sleep it away. lol