Wednesday, February 16, 2011

It's not all fame, fortune and bright lights for travelling evangelists

What shouldn't you do with a bag containing your clothes if you're entering a room full of bags of clothes to be sorted and thrown out?
'What about this one?' I held up a t-shirt for Lara's opinion. 'What do you think? Keep or throw?'
'That looks like my t-shirt,' a voice behind me boomed.
I laughed. 'It's yours if you want it.'
'No, I mean that looks like my t-shirt,' Gareth walked over and inspected it more closely. 'It is my t-shirt!'
'You mean the one from the carrier bag with our spare clothes in?' Lara asked.
'Er, where are my trousers then?'

We looked at the piles of bags of clothes. 'In one of those?' I said.
She took it very well on the whole. A little put out maybe that her trousers had been thrown rather than kept but that was no reflection on her trousers; they just weren't suitable for the clientele at Zac's.

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Ozkatt said...

Uh oh! T-shirtless and trouserless! Not good, Liz.

I now have a new blog and the first post explains why. Can you "friend" me again on FB, Liz. I can't find you anywhere!!

Robyn x