Sunday, February 06, 2011

George is a little mugger

George is inherently lazy. He quickly gets bored/tired chasing sticks. Holly doesn't stop chasing sticks from the moment she's off the lead. George doesn't like Holly having a stick but he can't be bothered to chase it so he waits until she has it then he takes it off her. And she lets him. Occasionally she growls and he backs off because he's also a coward as most bullies are.

He won't let me have the stick, he won't let Holly have it but he doesn't really want it himself. So he carries it for a while and then tries to lose it. But if I attempt to pick it up he's onto it like a flash.

In other words all the praise that I heap on him for walking properly on the lead now goes to Holly. 'Why can't you be more like Holly, George?'

And he really let himself down when we were walking back through the adventure playground and he began humping another dog.

The funniest moment though was when he slipped off the riverbank. He climbed out of the water and shook himself giving me a 'I meant to do that' look before strutting off. Course you did, George.


katney said...

And yesterday it was Holly, can't you be more liek George.

Liz said...

They both have their good - and bad - points, katney!