Friday, February 25, 2011

Body language

Graeme Dodds, a Scottish Baptist minister on a sabbatical, took the bible study in Zac's last Tuesday. He looked at the story of the adulterous woman and there were three things in particular that struck me about his telling.

He began by talking about body language and how we all learn it early in life, and how it often tells us more about someone than the words they use. In the story of the adulterous woman, the pharisees bring her to Jesus and ask him to judge her. In response Jesus stoops down and doodles in the sand. Graeme suggested that this was indicative of God's body posture, his body language. That he's willing to get down into the mud, the crap and the shit (Graeme's words) of our lives. He began life on earth in a filthy stable and continues to be willing to get down there with us.

Secondly, Jesus puts mercy above the law. Yes, the woman was guilty and by law should have been stoned but Jesus showed mercy. As he continues to do with us.

Finally, Graeme remarked that, from their body language, you can tell if someone is paying you the attention you deserve. The attention you deserve? I sat up at that point. No-one deserves attention surely? Not just like that. Not if you've not done something or are someone important. But, yes, he said, the attention we each deserve simply because we're human beings and worthy.

Not your average Baptist minister I suspect.
From left: Gareth, Graeme, Sean and Baz.

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Rev Graeme Alexander Dodds said...

Thanks Liz for the comments, and by them, encouragement. God Bless. Graeme. ( The Scottish Baptist Minister)