Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Same old same old

We've been studying the book of Acts for nearly a year now in Zac's - nobody can accuse us of not being thorough! - and, as Lucy said when Sean asked for thoughts on the first bit we read last night, 'it's the same old same old.' Jews want to kill Paul; the Romans don't know what to do with him. Yeah, yeah, let's get on.

I am far too impatient with people who ask the same questions and make the same points week after week. I'm not blaming Sean or them: it's me. Patience and staying power have never been my strong points, as Husband often reminds me.

Having said that, the reading was actually quite interesting giving an insight into politics then - which was very similar to today's. But, anyway, I'm just explaining why I stopped paying attention and began studying the two young lads in front of me.

Both in their late teens or very early twenties it turned out they were brothers. One has been coming to the bible study occasionally for some time; I hadn't seen the younger one before. They're both good-looking with kind gentle faces. The older one volunteered to read aloud part of the chapter and he read clearly and well. He understood the use of punctuation and his reading flowed.

After the study they rummaged in the small supply of clothes that is kept in the corridor. The younger one found a towel and held it up, delightedly, to show his brother. He smiled at me. 'It's pink but I can tie-dye it.'

I just don't understand how they get to be living the lives they are. I know drugs are involved; but that can't be the only reason. Or rather it can't be the root cause, surely? Where are their parents? (I don't know anything about their stories; I may be judging the parents harshly.) I can't imagine my children doing anything that would make me give up on them. I mean I can't imagine that I would give up on them no matter what they did.

Some of the older men who come in have been living rough for years; some choose it. It's heart-breaking to see young men and women at the beginning of their lives, when the future should be full of hope and dreams, scrambling amongst others' cast-offs for something as basic as a towel.

In slimming class yesterday morning our teacher said something that sounded profound at the time: If you want things to change, you have to change. It doesn't sound so deep and philosophical on reflection! But, nevertheless, it's true.

I pray God that those young brothers will want to change. I don't have to ask you to help them; I know you will.

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MaryB said...

Yes. So. Now, where to find the energy/will/inspiration to change? Love this post, Liz.