Saturday, January 15, 2011

George and the tapdancing squirrel

George likes to go back to bed after his breakfast so he can build up his strength ready for his afternoon walk, so when I put on my wellies this morning and said, 'Come on, George,' he looked at me in amazement, 'What?"!'

I explained that as Husband was away and I'd just made a hairdressing appointment for the afternoon we'd have to have an early walk.
'Yeurh,' he grumbled.

He came with me but for the first part of the walk he wasn't really there. The lights were on but 'please turn them off!' The fox and squirrels who meandered across our path could have performed the whole of Riverdance and he wouldn't have noticed.

In fact the only squirrel he did chase, towards the end of the walk, was up a tree.
'That's my boy.'
'Well I don't want to catch a squirrel,' George explained. 'It might bite me.'


jams o donnell said...

Quite sensible too.. those squirrels can be real badasses!

katney said...

Squirrels!! Can't say as I met any UK squirrels. I'm sure George would have introduced me if we had seen any in Wales---or was that what he was doing when he took off on extra excursions? Making sure the squirrels knew there were Yanks about. We have squirrels here that can be quite pesky.