Friday, January 28, 2011

Feeding a cold

'Stop losing weight!' Ric yelled at me across the counter in Zac's. 'You're looking - the word that springs to mind is gaunt.'
'I do not look gaunt,' I must have shouted back at him as several people stopped what they were doing and turned to stare.
'You tell her,' Ric appealed to Sean (but not a lot). 'She'll listen to you.'
Sean looked at Ric and then at me with his eyebrows raised as if to say, 'You really think so?'

Anyway Ric will be pleased to hear that I have been taking the advice of my granny and other old wives and feeding a cold.

As we're regularly in Devon on Wednesday and Thursday now with the aim of looking after GrandDaughter so Daughter, who is an award-winning freelance copywriter, can get back to working more hours, we've agreed that I'll plan and prepare Wednesday night dinner so she can concentrate on writing. As a result I've been having fun browsing for good vegetarian recipes. My first attempt was spinach and ricotta gnocchi with a rich tomato sauce, served with rocket and freshly grated parmesan.
It was very nice - GrandDaughter liked it - but could perhaps have done with a little more seasoning (but not if GrandDaughter's going to be eating it).

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Gledwood said...

Rocket salad? That looks really nice. And I note the cheese on top, which you should not deprive yourself of in my opinion. Sweets yeah, cheese and stuff in moderation no. I have been on a diet. Probably the kind you're on, a "change your diet permanently" not a "do this for 12 weeks and your life will be wonderful" diet...

I can barely see the gnocchi. I love them.

Have you tried this for tea:

Boil broken up bite sized broccoli
Stuffed tortelloni pasta (whatever one you like) for the last 2 mins and as you know do NOT overcook

you can put in cod in parsley sauce at the beginning, adding broccoli then pasta in the same pan... makes a low cal tea for one. And I'm not on a diet, so I can vouch it's filling.

Tot up the calories on 1x cod in parsley
half a pack tortelloni
sprinkle with parmesan or grated red leicester/cheddar/whatever

leaving out the cheese might be counterproductive on the old craving basis, y'know

Liz I have to go my hands are frozen and I'm going to NA!