Sunday, January 30, 2011

The view from the bed

At 3 am I was wakened by George whining quietly. I waited to see if he were dreaming and I could go back to sleep but the cries grew in intensity and urgency. It was a beautiful starry night and as I stumbled downstairs I muttered, 'If you're getting me up just so you can go and howl at the moon, you are in serious trouble, dog.'

He hadn't. And there was the same necessity in his later morning toilet call. That time when I went back to bed with cups of tea I said to Husband, 'It's glorious out there. We should striding along the beach appreciating it.'
'It's -5 degrees.'
' ... but we can probably enjoy it just as much from bed.'


Gledwood said...

Poor George, does he need Loperamide? Can't remember the posh name for it... blocks you up.

That's a wonderful view


Leslie: said...

Gee, poor boy...hope he's feeling better now. LOVE your view!

CherryPie said...

What a beautiful view :-)