Saturday, December 11, 2010

Maltesers and G cups

I went Christmas shopping in town today. Which would have been fine if it hadn't been for all the other people. People who walk slowly, meander, stop suddenly and generally get in my way. The queues weren't bad; it was just getting about.

Husband drove me in and on the way we were discussing presents. He said, 'You're not getting much for Christmas.'
'That's all right as long as I get some of those little round chocolates that you can play marbles with.'
'I'm not playing marbles with you; you'd cheat and eat them all yourself.'
'I wasn't going to play marbles with you; I'm going to play with my invisible friend. She doesn't like chocolate so even if she wins I'll still get to eat the Maltesers.'
Husband patted me on the leg. 'Only you could lose to an imaginary friend.'
Well, she's very good at marbles.

As well as shopping I took my glasses into the optician's. There was much shaking of heads and oh dearing, so I've ordered new glasses. When Husband picked me up afterwards I was telling him this.
'It's nothing a bit of glue won't fix,' he said.
'That's only a stop gap measure. And anyway there was an offer to have 2 pairs of glasses for the price of one.'
'How much?'
'For two pairs.'
'You should get 25 pairs for that.'

I thought I might as well get it all over with so I said, 'And I paid £59 for a new bra.'
'That's cheap for you.'

Most of the weight I've lost seems to have gone off my boobs. I've gone from 34G at my finest hour to 34DD. It's very odd being able to cup one in my hand.


CalumCarr said...

Even I can't cup one of mine in my hand!

Leslie: said...

Only you would put your bra size on your blog! LOL Actually, when I went to have my mammogram a few weeks ago, it was the first time in my life I looked down and thought to myself, "not bad" considering babies, age, gravity, etc. LOL

Anne in Oxfordshire said...

Yes only Liz would do this :-) .. oh hope your hubby doesn't mind the drop in size LOL ..

Ole Phat Stu said...

As the stammerer said "DD-lightful!"