Friday, December 24, 2010

It's Christmas Eve!

It's about 6.15 pm and I'm ready! All the preparation I'd planned is done and my Christmas puddings are steaming gently in the slow cooker. (Husband said he's going to have brownies as he doesn't think a last minute pudding will work but I shall make him eat some regardless as it's only him and Uncle John who like it. Even when I made pudding well in advance he said it wasn't 'as good as Evelyn's' - a lady he worked with about 20 years ago! Huh, I think he is looking back through booze-blurred glasses.)

Anyway, we're off for our traditional Christmas eve curry soon. Once I've showered and changed that is. This year we're trying a new restaurant, the Anarkali, which, apparently has been nominated for the Best Curry Restaurant in Wales for the last 5 years. It's never won though ...

I am reminded on hearing the name that Anne and Andrew used to have a take-away from there every Saturday night. That in turn reminds me that it was on Christmas eve that Anne died, maybe 15 years ago now, leaving 4 young sons.

This afternoon, in the kitchen, making my pudding and preparing my veg (which always goes slightly against the grain as I worry about the vitamins that will have leached out of the veg by the time we get to eat it - but I tell myself it's only once a year) I listened, along with half the world if you believe the BBC, to the Nine Lessons and Carols on radio 4. One of the readings is from Isaiah and it contains the words, 'Of his kingdom there shall be no end.' And I cling onto the truth of these words, believing that, in spite of the way the world seems, the bad things that happen, the sad, the tragic, the wicked, Jesus has overcome the world and his kingdom is come.

And sometimes, just sometimes, we catch a glimpse of heaven here on earth.


Gledwood said...

Radio 4! You're as middle class as I am!!

Is it turkey curry..?

(Just wondering).

katney said...

We usually listen to Nine Lessons and Carols on National Public Radio--but we missed it today.

Leslie: said...

We usually listen to the Queen's message on CBC Christmas morning. When I get up tomorrow morning, you'll probably already be in your cups and having your Christmas dinner. Do you snap the crackers for a prize and wear paper hats? We do!!! Have a great day! :D

NitWit1 said...

I hope you puddings were stunning successes--I bet they were.

My Christmas traditions begin with reading the Biblical passages concerning the birth of a Savior in the New Testament. I have not listened to the Messiah by Handel this year most of the passages from Isaiah--maybe today.

I also read a small ancient book I found among my Mother's treasures entitled the FIRST CHURCH's CHRISTMAS BARREL.

Christmas Greetings from USA may the world find PEACE this year. It has to begin with somewhere, so let it begin wit me.

As I am not familiar with your customs, what is 9 Lessons and Carols?