Thursday, December 16, 2010

I'm sorry for complaining, ducky

On Tuesday a message was left on the phone saying that my glasses were ready for collection so yesterday I went into town primarily to pick them up. I wasn't best pleased then to get to Boots and be told that all the opticians were at a conference and it was illegal for them to give out glasses without an optician being present.

There was no point being angry with the receptionists as it wasn't their fault but when I went back today I took in a letter of complaint for the practice manager. I wrote because I knew if I tried to complain verbally I'd end up apologising for being a nuisance.

(Fortunately the practice manager wasn't in today so I avoided a confrontation!)

Oh, yes, and the man behind the counter was ever so camp. And I have this chameleon-like tendency to adopt obvious mannerisms and accents so I found myself turning into Kenneth Williams.

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