Friday, December 03, 2010

First peel a pound of chestnuts

It's been one of those evenings.
Husband spotted a recipe on the BBC website for roasted squash, apple and chestnut soup. When he offered to roast and peel the required chestnuts I said we'd have it tonight. We won't be having it again.

He didn't realise it would take him 45 minutes to peel the roasted chestnuts nor did I realise that peeling the squash after roasting, as instructed in the recipe, would be so fiddly and end up with so little squash.

I don't even like chestnuts. And then my packet Hovis granary bread mix sank in the middle.

I was in a bad mood with the soup before we even sat down to tea. (It looks quite posh though, doesn't it? And couldn't have tasted that bad as Husband, YS and Girlfriend all had second helpings. But that might have been because there was nothing else for dinner.)

While I was doing battle with squash Husband was spilling red wine all over my unwritten Christmas cards. He says it adds a special Christmas spirit to them but I'm not convinced although I can probably get away with the ones that have been written and are in envelopes by blaming it on the Royal Mail.

And we've just been wrapping presents ready to take to Derby (in the snow) tomorrow.

All I want to do is sleep ...


MaryB said...

Well, it looks and sounds impressive. I was all set to search out the recipe until you gave us the real scoop on what a pain in the rear it is to make. Still, I'm intrigued by the combination of ingredients. Ah, well.

Furtheron said...

Open a tin ! :-) Much quicker

Liz said...

It did have that cordon bleu sort of look, mary!

You food-heathen, furtheron!