Thursday, December 09, 2010

But is it gold?

It's Great-uncle Woodie's 90th birthday next Monday and, as Uncle John is having his annual family get-together on Sunday, I offered to make a birthday cake. It's been maturing nicely, helped along by regular slopfuls of brandy, for the last couple of months, so on Tuesday I iced it. Which meant a visit to the cake decorating shop.

I am such a girl! I want all of the little tubs of sparkles they sell there. And the pretty flowery things, and ... ooh ... all the pretty stuff!

Then when I'm icing I have to stop myself covering everything in gold dust. You can't see the gold effect very well in the photo - in fact you can't see the gold effect very well full stop. I was a little disappointed by it. I asked the lady in the shop if the gold dust was gold. She sort of looked at me. 'That's what it says on the label.'
'Yes, I know but it looks a bit yellow.'
'It's gold.'

(It wasn't the same lady I asked about the upside-down candle you'll be pleased to hear. )

Anyway, I don't know how they get such flat cakes in shops; you can always see the lumps on mine.
And, as I was doing it, I iced a birthday cake for two of the regulars at Zac's at the same time. It was much appreciated: Paul wasn't there and Lucy didn't want any. Hey ho. Everyone else enjoyed it.

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Mauigirl said...

Yum, looks delish! Well done. I can never do a flat cake either so I don't even try anymore. My one specialty is cheesecake. No need for there to be two layers to pile up lopsidedly!