Thursday, December 23, 2010

Bah humbug? Not me

Sainsburys had sold out of Christmas puddings! (Not to mention cranberries, cloves and salt.)

So I'm making a last-minute one. It'll be fine. I'll make it up as I go along. How hard can it be?

So the good news is the Elder Son and Daughter-in-law arrived safely earlier in the week having finally made it out of London. They're here till Boxing Day and ... I can't tell you the rest yet.

Elder Son is in the kitchen at the moment preparing his traditional Christmas lasagne for dinner tonight so I've got a day off, and that's very pleasant.

What else? Oh yes, for those people who know me and worry about my Christmas dinner following my Christmas-eve-eve midnight supermarket turkey search a few years ago, I'm pleased to say that I've ordered a turkey from the butcher this year. Admittedly I only ordered it yesterday but he's a very understanding butcher.

It's still not really sunk in that it's Christmas the day after tomorrow.


Anne in Oxfordshire said...

Well done Liz , not sold out here. yep it is the day after tomorrow ..

Pleased your family got there, we are on our own, too many in family too accommodate .. and too many families involved.

We had wanted to fly off somewhere but the weather put paid to that!!

CherryPie said...

I am so glad your son and daughter in law managed to get to you in the end :-)

nick said...

Our Sainsbury's had run out of brussel sprouts. It's not fair! (stamps feet, bursts into tears, breaks favourite toy etc)

Suburbia said...

Glad they arrived safely :-)

I forgot to bye pud and brandy butter! Will make BB but not sure I'll manage a pud!

Gledwood said...

Bloody supermarkets!

I got the very last 1 litre Caramel Baileys today. The housewife behind me looked distinctly peeved, but I cackled and skipped off, nearly crashing into two Yardie girls with a trolley full of wine (all those crack cocaine profits, I expect). I nearly went nuts when it seemed Morrisons had sold out of £1.89 Best mince pies (with brandy-soaked flavour) and it was looking like vulgar £1.29 normal ones for me. But I found one of the last 4 boxes available. Then I found a till with only 5 people in front, which was a miracle, considering that each side there appeared to be 25 people in line. My queue snaked deceptively to one side, so nobody noticed it ended there, y'see... O supermarkets, doncha just love 'em.