Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Me and My Girl

'Do you remember that television series with Robin wotsit and his daughter when there was a shot of Three Cliffs in the opening sequence?'
I stared at husband. 'That rings absolutely no bells whatsoever.'
'You know, he was in Man About the House.'
'Yes, I know who you mean but I think Robin was his character's name because he had a restaurant called Robin's Nest.'
'You could be right. He died young.'
'Are you thinking of whatisname?'
'Yes, Godber. I could be.'

The worrying thing is that this conversation made perfect sense to both of us. (We spent a lot of time in the seventies watching television as we had children and no babysitters.)

P.S. The television series was called Me and My Girl and here's the opening sequence, which was indeed filmed on Three Cliffs beach. And I still don't remember it. I put it down to lack of sleep.

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Ruth said...

Richard Beckinsale.