Saturday, November 13, 2010

Living the dream

Two large boxes of Maltesers. What more could a girl want?There was a bit of a theme running through my presents. Daughter bought me a lovely Neal's Yard aroma stone oil burner type thingy with the oil to go with it: Optimism for inner confidence and joy. Younger Son and Girlfriend bought me this mug. Note the crisis management theme?
And today I went into town and picked up my birthday present coat that I'd ordered and had another look for boots.

I found a lovely pair: nice brown ones, not too high or too low, not too wide or too tight, just Baby Bear right in fact. And I'd tried them on and was admiring them in the mirror when I saw my downfall: purple Doc Marten's.

The sensible bit of my brain said, 'Get these nice brown ones'; the other bit - the larger bit - said, 'Purple Doc Marten's, mmmmm, nice.'

They didn't have them in my size ... so I've ordered them. (They're not the traditional DMs but a shorter slip-on type.)

I blame the poster on the wall in the shoe shop. It said, 'Don't dream the life; live the dream,' so that's what I'm doing. When I told Husband he said, 'I dread to think what your dreams are like.'

"When I am an old woman I shall wear purple." (Jenny Joseph)

Not that I'm old. I never liked being 57 (even with its Hinds/Heinz connotations) because it's an ugly number but I like being 58.


nick said...

I can boast crisis management since 1947, starting with my first vomiting session....

Purple Doc Martens? This I must see. I look forward to the pictures. And what will you wear with them? The miniskirt?

Leslie: said...

Well, Happy Happy Birthday Liz! And I love that phrase...I will adopt it as my new mantra. Hope you got the brown boots AND the purple Doc Martens! You deserve it.

Ruth said...

Purple Doc Martens....fab! I admire your style.
A friend and I were discussing that poem just recently (at a 50th birthday party!)

farming-frenchstyle said...

You get fed up with being sensible, go frivalous!

Ole Phat Stu said...

"Don't dream it, be it" ;-)
[quoted from The Rocky Horror Show]


PS: There's a new Terry Pratchett book out witch(sic!) you might like :
'I shall wear Midnight' :-)

sally in norfolk said...

Firsty Happy belated birthday :-)

and purple doc martins how wonderful cannot wait to see them, I am still looking for boots :-(

Gledwood said...

When you said Maltesers, what more could a girl want, I have to say a few answers came to mind. Nothing to do with other brands of confectionery.

But I think item #2 said it. Tea.
Better than a fag any day.
And probably better than heroin. If you can get used to living without that crap.

("You" meaning people in general of course. I always thought you looked like an old smackhead Liz, but never liked to say anything. Just as I correctly divined that Georgie Porgie was a child-savaging hellhound!) (Has he been let out of doggie prison yet?)

PS that human trafficking/credit card fraud/drug manufacturing charge Mumbles police got you on - I found ya a good lawyer. But I'll email the more embarrassing details separately!!

PPS Happy Birthday :-)

PPPS Don't "imbibe" too much, ho-ho-ho

Gledwood said...

Ukh me and my mouth. By "old" I meant of good vintage and wide experience. Not ancient/haggard/horrible. I've seen your cooking vids. Those things you most certainly are not.

Are you going back to prison next week. You're in and out of that place like a fiddler's elbow, Liz!

Rose said...

A belated Happy Birthday, Liz! And good for you for ordering the purple Doc Martens. I've spent a couple more years than you being sensible, so I completely agree it's time to "wear purple"...and eat sausages...or however the rest of the poem goes:)

I think the best part about getting older is that I no longer worry about what people think of me...of course, I have to be a little careful so that my children don't think I'm ready for the home yet:)

Gledwood said...

I didn't really think you looked like a smackhead. I thought crack was your "ting". The rock is hidden in your garden, third bush from left. Now you can have a REALLY happy birthday!!

Of course I mean geological rock, not nasty drugs. Speaking of which, that Burrel (pretty sure it was him) told a story in his book about Princess Diana "purifying" a giant sapphire in salt water under the light of the full moon. Y'know, some silly ritual. Anyway the final part of this bullenschei├če involved burying it for a time in the garden. Which she did, in the communal gardens of Kensington Palace. Princess Margaret of Kent or whatever the hell she is called, supposedly saw this and stole the saph!

Now do you believe that, any more than I've hidden a 10ct blue diamond (had to outdo a sapphire) in your back garden~??!?

Sorry I can't afford the diamond. Or saph. (Maybe next year?) But I do hope it was a happy one. And have a happy year ahead :-)

Suburbia said...

Good for you!

Photo when they arrive please?

Liz said...

I need a shorter skirt, nick.

Thank you, leslie. Just the puple ones!

Thank you, ruth.

I did, f-f.

I'm determined to try, stu.

Thank you, sally.

Thank you, gledwood - and for the 'rock'! Good to have you back in circulation.

Thank you too, rose and sub!