Monday, November 08, 2010

Husband has a new toy

It's called an Energy Saving Eco Friendly Wireless Power Electricity Smart Monitor Meter and it tells you by the minute how much electricity you're using in your home and how much it costs. So I got home this afternoon, made a cup of tea and Husband said, 'Look how the usage shot up when you made tea!' Goodness knows what it will do when I use the washing machine.

He's wandering around turning off lights and switching off anything that stands still long enough. It's all part of his newly-retired-so-we-must-economise drive. I'm all in favour of saving both money and the environment but I fear this is going to get slightly silly. Already his newly installed timer switches have meant the digibox didn't record the programmes we wanted it to over the weekend.

In their new house Daughter and Son-in-law have an electricity meter and Saturday evening we'd just sat down to watch the England rugby highlights when the house was thrown into darkness - and I walked nose-first into a wall.

I predict a few black eyes and bruises if Husband gets too carried away. And that will just be what I do to him.


Leslie: said...

That actually sounds like a great little toy! I wish I had one, yet I'm pretty good at turning out lights and keeping the furnace turned down unless a sweater or lap robe doesn't suffice.

Rose said...

I think I'd find a way to hide this thing or "accidentally" drop it and break it:)

Anne in Oxfordshire said...

We have one of those too!! I know when my husband is home as the Computer usage and the TV shoots up ..:-)

Liz said...

You might not think that when your progress through the day is being waved as evidence, leslie!

Give me time, rose!

I'm sure it's a good thing, anne, once Husband stops telling me every 5 minutes how much electricity I've used now!