Tuesday, November 02, 2010

How to look sexy when exercising

In today's world the fitness enthusiast has a wide choice of clothing with whole ranges dedicated to exercise in its every form.

You might like to choose tight and skimpy or if that's too revealing you can opt for close-fitting head-to-toe.

Or you can go for the Eric Morecambe look.
Husband pointed out that my shorts looked even sillier now I'd lost weight so I dug around in my drawers until I found a pair of shorts from my previous slimmer incarnation days. Hmmm, George isn't convinced.And, as I noticed when hugging my knee to my chest, it means I'm gong to have shave the tops of my legs as well.

When Younger Son saw me this morning he said, 'What are you doing?! Are you going jogging?'
'Jogging? Me? Do I look that stupid?'
He looked me up and down. Before he could speak I said, 'That was a rhetorical question meaning how likely do you think that would be rather than do I look stupid.'


jams o donnell said...

You lok great Liz.. and ready to give anyone who says otherwise a good left hook!

Ruth said...

I wish I looked that good in shorts!

Rose said...

Looking good, Liz! I've given up wearing anything that shows my knees:)

My computer is acting up and I can't watch the video... will try again later:(