Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Girls can't get it

I should have explained more.

The proceeds from Sunday evening's unplugged acoustic music event (that i read at last month) were going to the prostate cancer charity and moustaches were the theme of the evening what with it being MOvember (grow a moustache for a month in aid of the charity).

I was behind the bar so naturally had to go moustachioed. There wasn't a lot of competition for the girls' title; just one other female had entered into the spirit and drawn on a moustache and she thought I should win. What could I say? I've never won a sash before.

My prize also included a lot of information about prostate cancer so if there's anything you want to know ...

P.S. Girls can't get it.

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Ole Phat Stu said...

Pls scan the GB stuff on prostrate cancer and mail it to me, because I'm going to be blogging at length about my own fight against prostrate cancer and it would be interesting to compare GB pamphlets with our German ones.

Alternatively, if there are a lot, send by post and tell me what I owe you for the postage.