Saturday, October 09, 2010


Younger Son and Girlfriend took us bowling last night. Girlfriend hadn't been before so I didn't come last.

Out of 3 games Husband won 2 and YS won 1 but YS had the highest score of the evening. Husband has lots of trophies for bowling, the result of his mis-spent youth. (Actually bowling was probably the healthiest part of his youth.) And he takes it very seriously, choosing his ball carefully and standing at the end of the run-up for ages, psyching himself up.

So the best part of the evening was when he followed his ball down the alley face first.

He blamed his shoes, claimed there was something sticky on the bottom. He also blamed them for his poor performance.

It was good fun though.

(Husband wants me to point out that YS only had the highest score by 1 point.)

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Leslie: said...

Ah, men! Always an excuse! lol