Monday, October 18, 2010

Sometimes I wonder ...

I had resolved to be more proactive regarding Novel Number 2 and had decided to submit it to an agent. From my previous foray into the world of submitting and being rejected I remembered one agent had been positive. I looked it up in my records and found that I'd noted by her name: rejected but nicely.

That's positive in my book, especially when the best I was getting from most agents was the standard rejection. So I rummaged through the folder I have containing all my literary correspondence; oh my word, I should not have done that.

Did I mention I was rejected a few times?!

Anyway I found her letter, right at the back of the file, where what she'd actually said was that she'd liked my writing and would be interested to see another novel. Excellent.

But I before I print off the 34 pages I decide to check to make sure she's still alive and in business. Here follows the good news and the bad: she is still in business but now works for another agency that only deals in non-fiction.



SmitoniusAndSonata said...

Contact her all the same , she might may able to steer you to someone who can help .

Leslie: said...

Write and remind her what she'd mentioned in her letter to you. Maybe she has contacts.

katney said...


SDCrafts said...

I empathise and can only echo the 3 previous commentators. Keep pressing on Liz - please!