Thursday, October 21, 2010

I have a headache ...

from banging my head against the brick wall called Paypal.

I have just spent an hour composing an email to them. I admit I made some mistakes initially in setting up paypal accounts for church but nothing like the mistake I made in thinking it would be simple to remedy them.

Twice I've tried calling the Help Desk. The first time I explained my problem and the man said, 'You shouldn't have done that.'
'Well, I did it.'
'You shouldn't have.'
'I realise that now so what do I do?'
'You shouldn't have done that.'
And so on.

The second time the man said, 'Your name's not on the account.'
'It didn't ask for my name.'
'It would have asked for your name.'
'It didn't ask for my name.'
'Your name's not on the account.'
'It didn't ask for my name.'
'It would have asked for your name.'

And the thing is that they have £1,000 intended for Mutende Children's Village in Zambia and they've had it since the start of September - and they won't let me access it until I've corrected my mistakes which I can't do until they do what they've said they'll do. Or rather what they've said they've done but haven't.



MissKris said...

NOW I see why you have that headache! It couldn't get much more frustrating than that! Good luck to you. I recently fired off an email to Home Depot on my daughter-in-law's behalf after she received some extremely poor customer service. In our case, tho, they've been all over themselves apologizing and trying to set things straight. They SHOULD!! In this horrible economy you'd think they'd be begging for business - which she ended up taking elsewhere to purchase a washer/dryer - instead of chasing it off. Humph!

Rose said...

I understand your headache, Liz. Every time I call customer service of some company like this to take care of a problem, I come away with not only a headache but a desire to smash something:)