Wednesday, October 06, 2010

I blame GrandDaughter ... and Betty

I'm not one for flashy Christmas lights or musical seasonal gizmos so I put this aberration down to having a granddaughter. That and the fact that we'd just been to fetch Betty home after her terminal diagnosis and I needed cheering up.

On Sunday, when we went to The Range, Husband pointed out to me (that's an important point to bear in mind later) a black Christmas tree complete with falling snow! Now, that doesn't sound brilliant but it was really pretty - and on special offer. 'Where would we put it?' I asked. Common sense prevailed and we went home empty-handed.

Today, on my way back from collecting Betty I stopped off at The Range and bought one. I got home and Husband said, 'What?! I'm retired; we're supposed to be economising.' (His current mantra.)
'You said I could buy it.'
'No, I didn't.'
'Well, you said we could put it in the dining-room window.'
'That's not the same thing as saying you can buy it.'
'Well, you knew I was going to get it. I said I was going back to the shop.'
'I didn't know what you were going there for.'
'What else would I have been going there again for?'

Honestly, men.

GrandDaughter will love it; and so will George when he eats all the polystyrene snow.

I also couldn't resist this advent calendar with little wooden boxes to fill. I suspect GrandDaughter already has one so we'll have to keep this one here.
And it's just occurred to me that GrandDaughter is coming down just before her birthday at the end of November so we can put the snow tree up then. Snow trees aren't just for Christmas.


SDCrafts said...

Such a fitting purchase for today - have you twigged the significance of the 7th box, Liz?

Note; after previous blog post, I'm being briefer.

Liz said...

I have indeed, shirl!

Leslie: said...

I've never seen a black Christmas tree - do put up a photo of it when you have it all ready for GD, please! :D

Rose said...

Yes, I want to see the black Christmas tree, too! I'm beginning to think men over a certain age would really benefit from a course in communication. If your husband pointed out the Christmas tree, I would have assumed, too, that he meant for you to buy it.