Thursday, October 07, 2010

How long this time?

This morning - or maybe later depending on Royal Mail - the first three chapters and synopsis of my first novel will be landing on the desk of a publisher.

It's the first time I've submitted it anywhere for several years after receiving rejection after rejection after rejection. There are only so many times even the most confident of writers can cope with that. When I'd reached the stage of submitting just so I could see how long it would take to come back - and whether it would beat my record - I knew it was time to stop.

But I do still like my novel: it makes me laugh! And I've revamped it from a diary-style format to third person narrative, so we shall see.

I have another couple of projects on the go - a second novel and a biography - as well as website articles waiting to be written, including one on herbal sexual therapies. (If you have any experience of them and you're willing to tell me, confidentially and anonymously, I'd be pleased to receive. Is it safe to write that here? Will I be inundated with weirdos?)

So let's get writing!

After I've cleaned the bathroom.


nick said...

Congratulations on braving the publishers' scorn yet again! I hope you get a more positive response this time.

Herbal sexual therapies? Sorry, can't help on that one.

Rose said...

Bravo to you for sending it out again! I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you.