Friday, September 10, 2010

What about George?

I hear you ask. What happened to George when you were off sunning yourselves?
Well, George went to his regular holiday home on the north coast of Gower.

Was he pleased to see you when you picked him up?
It was hard to tell as he was too busy chasing the kennel-owner's cats to pay us any attention.

Did he have a good time?
The girl said he might have had several breakfasts on occasion so he would count that as good.

So he didn't get into any mischief?
The morning before we were due home the girls opened up the kennels to find him sitting proudly next to his bed - which he'd destroyed. The bits filled two carrier bags that they kept for us in case we didn't believe them. They needn't have bothered: we'd have believed it of George.


Suburbia said...

So that#s what he thought of you going on holiday without him?!!!

NitWit1 said...

Luckie must have sent George a message. Luckie has to wear a harness as a plain collar and leash slip right off her head.

The kennelmaster left it on her in her run. She chewed the thing to smithereens

Next visit I emphasized to put it on her to walk her outside her run. Now if she chews through the chainlink kennel, I'm not sure pays.

Anonymous said...

That's your Boy! I love him - he really set out to enjoy HIS holiday!
Wendy (Wales)

katney said...

You go, George!!!