Sunday, September 19, 2010

It was nice ...

but could have been better.

That was Husband's comment on our roast chicken dinner tonight. 'The parsnips aren't as good as usual. And the green beans are ... green beans.'

Well, I enjoyed it.

And now I'm flopping in my jim-jams. I would take a photo of them except our camera battery is dead and we discovered we must have left the charger in Ibiza. I've ordered a new one but, while waiting for it to be delivered, I feel as if I'm missing a part of me. So many times I've thought: I must take a photo of that. And most recently, obviously, of my jim-jams. I've only just discovered the delight of relaxing in soft loose flannelette trews. Daughter, Elder Son and Daughter-in-law are old hands at it and now I know why.

Although I do, necessarily, have to put up with Husband asking if I'm going to play golf. (But they don't look at all like those hideous trousers that some golfers wear as you'll see when I finally manage to take a photo.)

Husband says, 'It's a good job you love me.'
I am non-committal.


Anne in Oxfordshire said...

My husbands normal comment about dinner is "Hmmm this is nice" .. Nice is a biscuit , it is also a word that annoys me, and he says the same thing all the time, .. ..

Where have you been Liz, cannot believe you have never had lovely soft loose trews .. Not sure i know what that word is though, there are lovely soft Jim jams , and they do not look bad when people call unexpectedly either :-)

CherryPie said...


I think it is time he took a turn in cooking it ;-)

Leslie: said...

We call them "jammies" and I love them, too. At our age we deserve comfort in any shape or form. lol

Furtheron said...

you are the second person in a week who has left their camera charger somewhere on holiday - I was trying to help a friend but her battery is just the wrong size to fit in our charger - and her photos are on the camera not a card even more annoying for her

katney said...

I actually am waiting till the camera is charge to know what a jim jam is.

As for a nice dinner, nothing wrong with one that's simply nice. Nice is good. Gives a base for extraordinary. You wouldn't want one that is simple and nice to be the extraordinary--what would that mean for the everyday?