Monday, September 20, 2010

Happy birthday, George!

George is 3 today!!!

I was going to take a special birthday portrait of him but ... yes, my battery-charger hasn't arrived yet. I think we might be able to take photos with the video camera but I'll have to ask Husband as that is a technological step beyond me.

Three years (or two and three-quarters since we had him). It's gone so quickly and he's been such a rascal and a delight.

George has very different characteristics from Harvey. For a start he isn't so loving: when we get home we're lucky if George bothers to wag his tail whereas Harvey would rush to greet us, usually with a pair of knickers or a t-towel in his mouth. But on the plus side, George doesn't stick his nose in anyone's crotch.

He's friendly, gentle, sensitive, entertaining, amusing, and a vital part of the family.

So enjoy your birthday, George!

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katney said...

Oh, Happy Birthday, George. I was going to have a little giftie for you, but so much has happened since we got home that I didn't get it done for your birthday--I might have if I had known when it was, but probably not. Maybe Christmas, but don't hold your breath.