Sunday, August 01, 2010


I went down to see my uncle who's been poorly and I was just walking back to the car when I got honked at by a gang of lads in a passing car. It was from the back: they must have had a nasty shock when they drove past and saw my front. ''Urgh, no, we've honked at at a geriatric!'

Still it put an extra swing in my step!

It rounded off a good day. I've been working, catching up on website article writing. I earned £100 today and that's a jolly feeling. Especially as I'm now up to date and I can relax and prepare for the special visitors who are arriving later this week.

Katney, from Katney's Kaboodle, is coming all the way from the north-western coast of America just to see George. (I don't know; she might have had some other reason for coming to the UK but George played an important part.)


Anne in Oxfordshire said...

Great that you are doing Website article writing .. think it is excellent. :-)

Leslie: said...

Were you wearing your mini skirt and those sexy stockings? LOL I just love it when younger men give a woman with long blonde hair the once over (from the back) and then she turns around and she's an old wrinkly crow! lol

Leslie: said...

OOPS....I didn't mean that YOU are!

mrsnesbitt said...

Please give my love to Katney - we were trying to meet up but what with one thing and another it just didn't happen! Dxxx

jams o donnell said...

I was thinking the same as Leslie// That miniskirt would get you honked at all day!

Liz said...

Thanks, anne.

Ha ha, leslie!

I will do, denise.

It was probably the red stilettos that did it though, jams!

Furtheron said...

why don't I get honked at... why am I even thinking that :-)

Rose said...

If young men only knew how a little honking could lift the spirits of women "of a certain age"; that would put a swing in my step, too!

Congratulations on the website article assignment; one of these days they will be asking for your novel, too, Liz.

What fun to have Katney arrive for a visit! And I thought I was the only one who thought about flying abroad just to see George:) If and when I make it to the UK, George is on my list, right after Westminister Abbey and Stonehenge!

katney said...

And well worth the visit Rose. Liz and husband are a delight as well.