Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Yesterday was a strange day

At lunchtime I was in Morgan's, Swansea's only 5 star hotel, and in the evening I was in Zac's. If you have to ask which one I felt more at home in, then you don't know me very well.

We took the in-laws to Morgan's for lunch and we discovered that while the hotel might be 5 star the restaurant certainly isn't. It started off badly on entering and being 'greeted' by a snooty woman. I think that one of the attributes of a 5 star hotel should be that it makes its customers feel comfortable; she didn't.

The building is Grade II listed and used to be home to the port authority. The rooms are high and ornate, and beautiful but very bad acoustically. It's currently the graduation season and the restaurant was full of proud parents and graduate children and it was very noisy. The round table we sat at was huge - fabulous but made conversation almost impossible when added to the background din and deafness of some of us.

The food, on the whole, was very nice. Our order was taken by a sullen waitress but my Caesar salad and potato omelette were good. Unlike Husband's so-called rib-eye steak, which was tough and probably not rib-eye. Now you should understand that Husband eats everything and never complains: he left half of his steak, told the truth when asked by Ms Snooty if everything was all right, and got an apology - and two free desserts. Which doesn't really make up for a disappointing meal and experience.

We won't be going there again.


mrsnesbitt said...

Oh yes can well picture this - happened to us on a few occasions!

Liz said...

Disappointing, isn't it, mrs n?