Friday, July 30, 2010

Still beating

After Dr Stu's comment on my runny nose post (that it's a symptom of low blood pressure) I remembered that the nurse, when I had my bp checked a few weeks ago, said I should keep an eye on it as it was borderline low. So, on the way to Devon yesterday, we stopped at the doctor's so I could go in and do-it-myself.

I sat down, stuck my arm through the sleeve and then paused a moment to relax, as it suggested, before pressing the Start button. I took the piece of printed paper with the result on back out to the car and showed Husband. 'What?!!' he exclaimed.
'What's the matter? Am I dead?'
'That can't be right,' he said. 'It must be a misprint.'

I was just getting worried when I realised that he didn't actually know what it was meant to be.

Still 85 over 38 was less than 100, which was the magic number I had in my head from the nurse so I called in to check it again this morning.

I did three readings on different arms - two different arms - and they were all different. But they were all above 100 so that was okay. Unfortunately it pulled the feet away from under my theory that I needed more food and in particular more chocolate.

I must have taken the instruction to pause a moment and relax way too seriously yesterday.


Welshcakes Limoncello said...

Oh, I'm sure you still need more chocolate!

Dr.Stu said...

Should be 120 over 80.

James Higham said...

I just don't worry about these things. A good, varied diet, lo on the nasties and plenty of mild exercise does the job.

Furtheron said...

Dr Stu got there before me... that is the recommended but we're all different my sister has low blood pressure all her life whenever they take it she tells them but (young) nurses normally go into a major flap and call doctors etc. all the while my sister is saying - "It's okay it is always that low..."

nick said...

If only my blood pressure was lower, but it's always a bit too high, and doctors are always flapping about it. Mind you, it's been a bit too high for about 30 years and I haven't dropped dead yet.

Too much chocolate is definitely a no-no for you. The flavanols in chocolate tend to reduce blood pressure.

Liz said...

I had Maltesers, welshcakes!

So mine of 102 wasn't too low, stu.

I think so, james.

My blood pressure's always been normal, furtheron, so I'm blaming the diet.

You're not my friend any more, nick. Saying I can't have chocolate indeed.