Thursday, July 22, 2010

Of pigs and Conservatives

I write articles for a variety of websites. They affect my life.

I write about cakes; I make cakes.
I write about cocktails; I host a cocktail party.
I write about pigs; I want one!!!!

I'm not really considering getting one but it does sound like the most fun you can have in the mud. Did you know it's illegal to feed pigs any meat at all? Or that female pigs, gilts, are subject to the whims of their hormones? Or that they like to wash their faces in the water trough?

I've also been writing about libraries today.

Did you know, that in 1849, Conservative MPs opposed the introduction of the Public Library Act partly because "people have too much knowledge already: the more education people get the more difficult they are to manage"?

And also because it would be the middle and upper classes who would have to pay for it while it would be mostly the lower classes who would benefit.

I am an air pellet of useless information.


Leslie: said...

Ah, but I bet you win when you play the board game "Trivia Pursuit"

Furtheron said...

The way this government is going I think they might finally get their wish to close the majority of the libraries in the country... sorry on a right hump with the latest government.

robbo said...

no such thing as useless information!

If you are writing about libraries these might be of interest..

Why libraries might be the next cool thing:

and FOX news trying to shut down libraries:

So, yeah, and i dont even write about this stuff!

Ole Phat Stu said...

You want useless information?
Janis Joplin's dog in SanFran in the late 60s was also called George

Welshcakes Limoncello said...

Typical Tory, if you ask me.