Friday, July 02, 2010

Nothing bad about me surely?

Today Chris and I were discussing a memorial service we'd both recently attended. We agreed that the person who had died must have been a saint as absolutely nothing in the slightest bit bad was said. I said I was going to stipulate that at my funeral I wanted people to be honest and talk truthfully about me.
Chris said, 'I don't think you need worry: they'll have plenty of bad things about you to choose from.'

(Actually he said 'about both of us' but that doesn't work as well when I'm telling the story.)

He continued, 'Like being blinkered and resistant to change.'
'Just because I prefer Norton to AVG anti-virus does not make me blinkered!'

(We'd been having a slight disagreement about computer software.)

So we've agreed that whoever outlives the other will stand up at the funeral and tell it like it is. Now there's an incentive to try to live a long time.


Suburbia said...

You seem very lovely to me, don't think your wish to have bad things said will come true :)

CalumCarr said...

I can't imagine there is anything negative htat anyone could say about you .... except .... and .... and .... and .... and .... and ....

Furtheron said...

I'm with Chris... Norton!!! Rubbish, overly complex, slows your computer - actually trashed one of mine requiring me to rebuild it... never touch it now - AVG is very good I find, I use Bullguard as well as I like to have more than one different virus checker on the network just in case....

Sorry what was this post about again? :-)