Monday, July 26, 2010

Has someone declared war on us?

I had one of those automated voice phone calls in work today.
'This is not an advertisement. Please don't put down the phone.'
Just as I was putting down the phone, the last thing I heard was, 'This is a public service announcement.'

Then I spent the next ten minutes wondering if I should have listened and if war could have been declared and whether the government would use a phone call to tell people if it had.

Then I made a cup of tea and forgot about it.

I didn't have a lot of admin-type work to do so decided to get on with the clear-out. I need counselling. I had to keep telling myself: you're the administrator; you're in charge; you don't have to ask Janet if you can throw that away; Janet doesn't work here any more; you can do this.

And if we haven't used something for six years we're not likely to need it now.

Until next week.


Leslie: said...

You GO Girl!

NitWit1 said...

Keep tossing. I have to be nudged by my housekeeper to throw out stuff, especially food, even those with expiration dates.

Steve Hayes said...

You will need it the day after you toss it out. I'm sure that's someone's law -- not Sod or Murphy, but someone.

Puss-in-Boots said...

Hey, Liz, if you throw it out and find you need it the next day or whenever...go and buy a new one. What a good excuse to go shopping!

Anonymous said...

So, . . .
are you a tosser?

Liz said...

I did, leslie!

I need to sort out my pantry soon too, nitwit.

It must be, Steve.

Good thinking, puss!

It has been suggested before, stu!