Saturday, July 17, 2010

George is hopeful

George is really hoping I'm going to turn my back. For just a minute. That's all he needs.

This rhubarb cake has turned out more as I expected it. Just hope Father-in-law likes rhubarb now.

Speaking of George, he's not my favourite animal at the moment (course he is really but I'm not letting him know that).

We have a fox who regularly takes the same walk through our garden. There could be more than one fox, of course, but they all walk along the same track. For the last two nights George has got us up at 4 am so he can go and reclaim his garden, rushing out, barking and following the scent. I don't believe he can hear the fox so I think Mr Fox must be standing outside the window, hissing through the glass, 'I'm in your garden, na nah na ne nah.'

It's all right for George; he can have a nap during the day.


sally in norfolk said...

Thanks for the recipe cannot wait to make it for Geoff who loves rhubarb

CherryPie said...

It looks absolutely delicious :-)

CalumCarr said...

I'm coming down to get some of that pie. You could, of course, email me a little bit.

nick said...

George won't be getting any of that cake. Not if I get there first.

Liz said...

I hope he enjoys it, sally.

Thanks, cherrypie.

I'll put some in an email for you now, calum.

Shall I email you some too, nick?

Gledwood said...

O George doesn't want a nap. He wants a slice of rhubarb cake! Go on give him one :-)

You did give him a bit of cake, didn't you, Liz?

Actually what am I talking about slices..?? He wanted the whole bloody thing didn't he? So he can whistle and whine at the door all night wanting a poo, just like after the Buttery Scandal..(!)

Rose said...

Lol, I can so relate to this, Liz:) One second with my back turned would be all Sophie needed to finish off this cake. And I have often been awakened at 4 AM due to the smell of strange visitors in our yard. Had to convince Sophie one night to leave the opossum she was barking at to come back to bed:)