Monday, June 14, 2010

Loving Miss Pettigrew

I've mentioned Persephone books before. They're a small publishing company specialising in lost and forgotten masterpieces, largely but not solely by female authors.

Daughter introduced me to what I think was the first Persephone book I read, which was Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day. Most reviews call it a fairy tale romance but it's really a lot more than that. (Okay, a bit more.)

I was given the DVD of it for my birthday or Christmas last year and because Husband is always around - and it's definitely a girly film - I hadn't got round to watching it. But yesterday afternoon, after we'd walked George I decided I'd settle down, put my feet up and watch it. I felt I deserved a treat after the food preparation and hostessing at the barbecue the day before.

And it's absolutely delightful! A total joy. Again reviews have said that it isn't true to the book; it's been a while since I read it and I can't remember the details so that didn't make any difference to me. All I can say is, girls, if you're looking for a fuzzy feeling and a film where good and love triumph, then this is the one for you. (It's currently on Amazon at about £3.) If you'd prefer to read the book, or find out more about the story, go to Persephone Books


Gledwood said...

Did you hear about the Virago Books Scandal? A milkman from Clapham penned a book of Inuit foktales about vulva-worship and breasts and got it published under a suitablyl igloo-dweller-sounding female pseudonym. All hell broke loose when they discovered it was just the fantasies of a dirty old man!

OK perhaps there are some slight exaggerations here, but it did happen, I promise you. (I heard about it in the Guardian..!)

Liz said...

It must be true then.

Is Virago still around? I haven't seen their distinctive books for ages.

Gledwood said...

O yeah of course Virago are still going strong. The day those dark green tomes disappear from Feminist Studies: Introductions to Lesbian Politics and Policy type-reading lists is the day we know our country has finally fallen!

A really funny pee-pee take (I think it might have been written by Faye Weldon) came on telly about a women's publishing house called Medusa and their feminist efforts to get unknown female authors back in print... doesn't sound that cheery, does it. Well you just had to be there... (Hmmm...)

Gledwood said...

I've looked everywhere for the Great Literary Fraud, but there seem to have been so many of them (Hitler Diaries, Ossian being two of the greatest) that poor Virago have got lost in the groundswell...

I'm sure I'll hit upon it soon and shall pass you the link when I do

I wasn't making it up I promise, it really did happen.

Anonymous said...

Oh, I LOVE that book, one of my all-time favourites. Ella x

starsky said...

Thanks - will try the book been looking for a good read for ages, any more where that came from, do tell,