Wednesday, June 16, 2010

The ideal gift for Father's Day?

In the sidebar on my Facebook page they keep advertising gifts for Father's Day and today's offering really caught my attention as being the perfect gift for Husband.

It's an eye roll-on for men.

Yes, I knew you'd agree: it's what every father wants. What every man wants surely?

Last year I bought the female equivalent. It was advertised on tv as the most popular best-selling eye stuff in the universe. Every second of the day 73 women were buying it. So, being the gullible soul I am, and having bags under my eyes that have to be weighed before they let me on a plane, I bought it.

Sadly it didn't appear to make any difference whatsoever. But it did make me feel sick.

There was something about running the ball along that bit just under my eyes that turned my stomach.

So, for sale, one slightly used eye roll-on. Would make an ideal present for Father's Day.


nick said...

No, I won't be seduced by that one. I'm happy to flaunt my eye bags to the world, they're a sign of experience and wisdom (or maybe just too many late nights). I don't care if it's bought by 73 million customers every second, I'm still not impressed.

Anne in Oxfordshire said...

My husband would run a mile from any beauty products ha ha and my eldest son too.

I have bought Garnier eye roll-on for females, I love it, especially for working in an air conditioned environment .. really perks my skin up .

Liz said...

A real man, nick!

And it doesn't make you feel sick, anne?!

Leslie: said...

That's why I decided (finally) to give up the contact lenses and wear glasses - they hide the bags! lol