Wednesday, June 30, 2010

A changed life

Nicki came to Zac's last night. She was late arriving and, though her face looked familiar I couldn't place her. But when I was talking to her afterwards I realised that she used to come every week with her partner, Barry. I said to her, 'Wow, you're looking fantastic,' and she said she'd come off methadone before Christmas and had been clean since.

And she's done it on her own. Barry is in prison and she found the drugs project wasn't right for her. I asked her where she was living and she said in the same place. I was surprised as one of the problems prisoners face on release is going back into their old environment and being faced with the same temptation and the same friends. But Nicki said that it had been her friends who had helped and supported her and rallied around if she'd felt tempted. Now those are the right friends to have.

And she really did look great. It was brilliant to see.


Anne in Oxfordshire said...

Now that is a "Brilliant" story.. Well done to her for being able to stick at it, even as you say going back to the same area.. Definitely the right friends to have !!

Liz said...

Whoops, anne, I deleted your comment by mistake! Sorry!

Liz said...

Oh no I didn't!