Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Britain's Best Beach

Rhossili Bay in Gower topped the latest poll to find Britain's Best Beach. And with an amazing 47% of the vote, more than double its closest rivals.


Furtheron said...

clearly the vote was rigged :-) However looking at the photo I can see perhaps why. My Mother-in-Law is off on a holiday to the Gower Peninsula at some point I think I heard her say

nick said...

It looks very beautiful. Plenty of sand, surrounded by hills, no hideous buildings. What more could you want?

Devonshire Dumpling said...

Hmmmm - replace the hills for high sand dunes and you have a poor version of Saunton Sands or Braunton Burrows or Croyde.

Was the vote only eligible for those inhabitants living near Rhossili bay?

To quote Furtheron who said "clearly the vote was rigged. My Mother-in-law is off on holiday to the Gower Peninsula" so clearly its all Mother-In-Laws fault!

Britains best beach competition obviously excluded North Devon but aimed to keep Furtheron's Mother In Law happy.

Furtheron said...

@devonshire Dumpling... there is nothing at all wrong with keeping my Mother-in-Law happy :-)