Monday, May 10, 2010

What we torque about in bed

So, the other Saturday morning, I made an innocent comment about not understanding how gears work on bikes. I didn't ask to have it explained but Husband took it on himself anyway.

He needn't have bothered: I still didn't understand. I did try but my brain's not made that way.

But from there we began (he began) to talk about differentials and nuclear energy and entropy (load of rubbish) and torque. 'Torque?' I said.
'Yes,' he said, and proceeded to talk to me about torque.

I came to the conclusion that's the difference between men and women: men talk about torque and women talk about feelings. Well, most women do.

I told Husband he's lucky I'm not most women. He's always grumbling that I don't talk to him enough. Or torque to him.


Anne in Oxfordshire said...
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Leslie: said...

Ditto Anne re more interesting things to talk about in or out of bed. lol But then I guess that's why we have girlfriends and men tend to be a bit more loners except at the pub.

Anne in Oxfordshire said...

Torque is also called Moment or Moment of Force.. Think of it as a movement like a Twist :-)

Oh I have had these conversations with my hubby, but I could think of far more interesting things to talk (torque) about in bed !!!

nick said...

Jenny's much the same. I try to explain some very simple technical point like how to bleed the radiator and it just doesn't register. But we wouldn't discuss anything technical in bed, we're far too busy with other things....