Thursday, May 13, 2010

Some sort of brain storm

I've organised a canoeing trip for people from Linden on Saturday. My original idea was to go to Hay-on-Wye (town of books) while Husband was canoeing on the river Wye but this morning I had a funny spell and said I'd go canoeing instead.

Last night when we were talking about holidays - we're hoping to get to Ibiza in September to see Younger Son who will be working in the dive school out there - I said I'd give diving a try too.

This from someone who isn't even a strong swimmer.

Belated mid-life crisis do you think?

Chances of me falling in while canoeing?


CalumCarr said...

Liz, this is a general comment about your posts.

At the risk of being a wee bit rude, "I just about pee myself when I read your posts. They are so funny! "It's the way you tell 'em "

Keep going. I love it!

Liz said...

Thank you, calum!

Leslie: said...

I'm wondering if that reducing diet you're on has gone to your head! lol

Anne in Oxfordshire said...

Hi Liz.... This is so funny.. :-) especially after I read your post, about the conversation with your husband, or should I say the lack of one when walking ha ha ha ..

I have been canoeing, on a lake, it was good fun... but I would not try diving at all... the very thought .. don't let me put you off though.

katney said...

We've done kayaking. It was great fun. We tried snorkeling on our Alaska trip. Let me just say this: Your son will be a much better instructor than the gal who was supposed to teach us to snorkel.

Liz said...

Do you think that's it, leslie?

At least we've not had much rain for a while so the river should be gentle, anne.

Wasn't it a little cold to go snorkelling in Alaska, katney?!