Thursday, May 06, 2010

Election Day

Right, I've been and gone and voted. I took my glasses in case but didn't them. But I didn't bother changing out of my slop-around-the-house clothes as I was only walking a few yards down the road to the portakabin. We must have looked a sight, the three of us: me and Younger Son scruffy urchins and Husband in his 'I've just been power-washing the greenhouse' clothes.

We had quite a choice including UKIP and the BNP. Our MP for the last million years has been Alan Williams, Labour. Okay, perhaps not a million but he's been there since 1964. Now he's retired and, apparently, there's a good chance that the LibDems will get in. In fact I understand that Swansea West is being viewed as a key seat.

At the last election I voted LibDem because I wanted to protest, largely about the war in Iraq. I'm still mad about the MPs expenses scandal and other stuff but if I voted LibDem they may get in. That would mean a seat less for Labour increasing the chances of the Conservatives winning.

Truth is, at heart I'm a Michael Foot sort of Labourite.

Now if I stay up for a bit tonight, does that entitle me to goodies and treats, a little party all on my own? That's the really important issue.


SmitoniusAndSonata said...

I'll be sitting up ,glass in one hand ,a sustaining snack in the other ,and my eyes propped open as long as I can .
Not that I think it makes much difference who gets in . How does it go again ? "Power corrupts "?

Gledwood said...

You just reminded me: I forgot to post BNP's video up in my Party Election Broadcast collection today.

I didn't vote: I'm one of those annoying floating voter types and would only have cast a protest vote anyway....

Leslie: said...

I must admit my ignorance on the political doings in GB...but I hear it's quite the fight this time around. Hope all goes well for the country and the people!

Furtheron said...

Well looks like you stayed red - we've turned blue along with the rest of Kent. Sadly now both the MPs I personally know are out of the house. Shame they are both good blokes who really do care about stuff and care for their local communities.

Now who will be prime minister come Monday?

jay said...

Seems you and I were lucky - we actually got to cast our vote! What did you think of the mess we had in some areas?

Liz said...

You're probably right, s&s.

Bad boy, gleds!

It doesn't look that way, leslie!

If I were Clegg I'd insist on being PM if I was going to co-operate, furtheron!

Didn't hear much about it, jay. Any chance the election will be declared null and void?!!

jams o donnell said...

Ah well it is over for a while... I will not be surprised if we are back casting our votes in a matter of months

Welshcakes Limoncello said...

I voted LibDem at the last one, too and for the same reason. Everyone is very interested in it all over here. What does George think?