Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Warning - cleaner at work

We've been let down by cleaners again. At Linden that is. Whenever we employ professional cleaners they turn out to be unprofessional. We've given the current - now ex - lot a few chances but I'm not God: I have a limit to the fresh starts I'll allow.

So yesterday in work I hoovered the hall, as it was being used for circuit training last night, and as I was working up a sweat pushing Henry around it occurred to me that the cleaners get paid more than I do. 'Perhaps I should give up admin and take up cleaning,' I thought.

Me? Cleaning? All day every day? I need to think that through more carefully.

Continuing on the cleaning note, my new 'hoover' has arrived. Except it's not a Hoover. But I'll tell you about that later: I know you're excited to find out all about my hoover but you'll have to wait.

Let's just say it arrived about 2 weeks ago and the weather's been too nice to use it since. Plus the volcanic ash keeps falling from the sky. (Ooooh, I could drag this out for years.)


jams o donnell said...

Liz you got a new hoover and you did not tell us! Personally I think they are for decorative purposes only!

Liz said...

Mine definitely is at the moment, jams! But I might - just might - be using it later and if so I'll take a photo for you!

katney said...

I have a decorative "hoover", too. (We call them vaccuum cleaners this side of the pond.) But after all--ash!!! Remember, we are in a direct line from Mt. St. Helens.

Really, I have vaccuumed (translate--hoovered--it just isn't a verb here.) since Mt. St. Helens blew. Even since the last time she blew er--four or five years ago a little puff that I could see on my car.

We are glad to hear that the volcano with the unpronouncable and unspellable name is settling some--at least that the ash is and airports and airlines are beginning to get some action. I hope girlfriend is able to get out soonm though I know you like having her. And we booked our flights for this summer on Monday--with great optimism!!! (and flight insurance.) In at Edinburgh and out at London. A week's hiking in the Highlands and then a week's general wandering.