Friday, April 16, 2010

Taking after her mummy

It wasn't me! I want to make that clear before I start.

In the two weeks since we last saw her GrandDaughter has started making little fists, clenching her arms and squealing, 'Eeeee!' when she's excited. Which is quite often as each day is such an adventure.

She's also taken to exploring her fingers and toes with her mouth. And has learned that, if you're feeling sleepy but you're can't go to sleep and it's making you a bit grizzly, sucking your thumb is a good remedy.

But it wasn't me! I admit to edging her thumb towards her mouth in the past when she's been a bit sucky but she did this all by herself when we were out walking.

Taking after her mummy.


Lia said...

Ahhhh! How sweet she looks sucking her thumb, much nicer than dummies.
I like to see babies thumb sucking, I know people say stuff like it will give them buck teeth, but all 3 of mine thumb sucked and they all have straight lovely teeth.

I love her hat she looks so cute in it.

Much love

MaryB said...

She is so darling! Yes, I prefer thumb-sucking to those awful pacifiers. Ugh! Liam looks like he'll be a thumb-sucker, as well. (I was, and it didn't do me any harm - it's free, it's at the end of your arm, and it doesn't cause cancer.)