Saturday, April 10, 2010

In the garden

So after 'enjoying' my olive bread at lunch in the sunshine in the garden, it was time to set to work planting the bulbs and perennials I'd bought earlier in the week.

This is my bit of flower-bed garden that I've been nurturing for the last few years. Not entirely successfully I'm afraid. In fact while I was pottering today I found several old plant labels suggesting that we've bought and planted things before that now are no more.
But I'm not giving up. Not yet anyway. It is possible that I have dug up previously-planted plants in my enthusiasm for nice empty beds of soil so, to ensure that doesn't happen again, I've drawn a map showing what is where currently.
If you look closely you'll see quite a few names have question marks after them. Some even say 'dead?' The ones with proper names are the ones that still had their labels.

I'm not a natural gardener. But in my defence I do have to put up with George sitting on my plants, eating my plants, and digging up my plants. And today I had to dodge falling trees as my 'I'm a lumberjack' Husband continued his efforts at deforestation.

I'm good at drawing too you see.


katney said...

Oh, one plant I planted once years ago was promptly dug up by Scruffy and Babe for a football. I don't know if it was American Football, or what we call soccer--your football. Or maybe it could even have been rugby. It didn't much matter to the plant.

We planted onions, radishes, carrots and lettuce today in a raised bed we created closer to the house than our big garden area so that we might notice it and water it. Unfortunately, the cats think we made that lovely bed for their---er---use.

CherryPie said...

My garden is in need of a little TLC, that is something else I need to get on too ;-)

CalumCarr said...

You can come and do my garden!

I love that "black thing" in your drawing.

The Fairweather Blogger said...

My wife's the gardener in our house (well, not IN our house, but in the garden!) She is horribly protective of it too - she brings in the pots and covers the bedding plants if we're expecting heavy rain or a frost - I'm sure she'd bring the bushes and trees in too if the could! She says it's a relaxing hobby but moans constantly about all her aches and pains after doing the garden!! I find it very relaxing however...


jams o donnell said...

I'm glad to see that George has green paws... after a fashion!

Suburbia said...

Love your drawing :)

Anonymous said...

I love your drawing too :0)

I don't really grow flowers...apart from lots of daffodils and snowdrops ;0) (they have survived dog and kids digging)

I grow veggies in pots and thats about it so I'm not any help!

Liz said...

Who'd have pets, katney?!

Spring is the time to start gardening, cherrypie!

No, thanks, calum.

Husband is the real gardener in our house, Gary. I'm just allowed to plant a few flowers.

Oh he loves to help, jams.

Thank you, sub and amanda! One day when we don't have children or grandchildren or pets then we might have a neat garden ...

Furtheron said...

Yesterdays efforts in the garden were accompanied by much bad language and many... "Are these weeds or not?"