Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Not very a'peeling'

We were looking at the persecution of the early church last night in Zac's and I said that I worried about being persecuted (not constantly worrying you understand, just when I think about it) because I'm such a wimp they'd only need to tickle my feet and I would give way. At this Sean said the thing he really feared was being peeled.
'Yes, peeled. Having my skin taken off.'

Now that is something I hadn't even considered. Flipping heck!

Afterwards Blossom called me a tough old bird (he changed it rapidly to tough cookie after seeing my face) because he reckoned I underestimated myself. 'You go into prison, you talk to murderers and rapists. I know grown men who wouldn't do that.'

Talking to murderers and rapists? I'd never thought of it like that ... they're such nice polite boys.

Anyway on a lighter note, it was Baz and Di's 25th wedding anniversary yesterday so I made them a cake. It was a good excuse to use the lovely sparkly stuff. It's so cool eating sparkles.


Sometimes Saintly Nick said...

Many years ago I read a book simply entitled "The Saints." It contained gory descriptions of the gory martyrdom of each and every one of the early saints in fill color, gory detail. It was at that time that I decided that it would be OK to be a saint, but not a martyr. Yuck!

I think Blossom was right: at some point we all become "tough old birds" or we crumble.

Don't second guess your courage in visiting those "nice polite boys." I spent 10 years working as a volunteer chaplain at a state prison, during which I had not fear of the offenders (current politically correct term for prisoners). Yet I also realized that many of those nice polite boys I wouldn't want to meet alone on a dark street.

Blessings, Liz. Give George s head-rub. Alex says meow (or he would if he were here and not outside catting around).

Anonymous said...

love the sparkly cake :0)

I guess victims and their families would'nt think that they are nice polite boys though :0/

Furtheron said...

Nice cake!

NitWit1 said...

i,ve read about the martyrdom of the early church. The Romans could really think of dastardly horrific punishments. Later the Moslems, now called Islamics, resorted to inhuman tortures, and still do.

Who said men ( and women) were civilized.

Now to the cake, thagt is civilized and tempting altogether beautiful. Be Thankful Luckie cannot get to it.

NitWit1 said...

PS. Not to pick on Islam, either I need to add to my earlier post the Christians did unspeakable torture during the Inquisition, too, as well as the Crusades.

MaryB said...

I know. I'd never make sainthood because I'd cave at the least little thing. I never understand prisoners and activists who go on hunger strikes. I'm trying to think of any cause for which I would willingly give up food. Nope. Nothing comes to mind. I'm so shallow, I guess. :-(